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Avatar the true danger.
Bryan | Wed Dec 23 22:58:35 | [74]

Alright peoples it’s time too talk Avatar. Truth be told I need to watch the movie again, I missed key plot points because of CG side nipplage…. I joke, I kid. Avatar was a great movie that needs to be watched in 3D. I find it funny that the press is announcing hidden political agendas in the movie…. If you think the political statements were hidden then you where truly distracted by the blue cg flesh. The fact that they actually say “shock and awe campaign” is a little hint at what they are pushing on us. I say so what. The weak minded may be swayed into believing whatever they are pushing, but so what. It was still a great movie. I go to the theater to be entertained, not to decide my political views. The real danger in this movie is the Thundercats factor….

Let me explain. Pre-Thundercats, we didn’t have the mildly disturbing presence of Furies. Thanks to CSI, the infestation has been brought to the attention of the general public. Now before I get some hair raised, I have too admit I love you guys n galls. The furies always pay well for artwork and they truly come up with the craziest thing too draw. In any case it was once stated that Cheetara from the Thundercats was why people wanted too $^%# animals. I’m not sure how true that is, but on reflection the C woman was kinda hot and may very well be the gateway drug too Furrydome. This brings up the true horror of Avatar. If a poorly drawn 2d cat woman could get the ball rolling then the 3D CG reality of Navi is going to bring in a wave of furry suite toting people to the cons like never before. Be prepared … Parents watch your kids. Don’t let them be the lion in the Wizard of Oz. Screen their Halloween costumes. The next generation is going too be highly influenced by Avatar…… and it won’t be a political influence…..

NENW has been updated
Bryan | Wed Nov 4 22:57:50 | [73]
NENW has been updated and darned if you can’t see Jessica’s art improving before your very eyes. We should have the stories out on time for the next few weeks and look for random comics too update as well in the next few days. Go look at Jessica’s new stuff on her deviant site right here.

Settled in
Bryan | Mon Oct 26 21:58:07 | [72]
Greetings and salutations my friends. Monica and I are settling into our new home at Lake O Pines. I spent my summers up here with my Grandfather and cousins. Moving up too the lake is a big check mark on the things too accomplish in life list. I am glad to be settled in as well so that I can start my blogs back up. It is conventional knowledge that an artist must not only sell their art but also themselves. With that in mind I will try too be more accessible too my readers. I hope do a few drawing broadcast and produce more than a few how too on art. I feel that Photoshop tutorials are all over the place so I think I’ll stick too more traditional art tips. Oddly enough it seems that the old techniques are become less common every day. I remember a local comic pro telling me once that mechanical pencils are only used by amateurs….. In any case the old standard was that if you couldn’t create the image by hand then you where useless in the busyness. This is so not true these days but I do feel learning to render and object realistically and with traditional medium do in fact give you an edge. Well it’s getting late and I have the Fall festival too prep for. Enjoy the double page spread. It’s going to get crazy in book 3.… The final book.

Bryan | Thu Aug 20 22:28:51 | [71]
New NENW comic udate and randome comic update. Book 5 comes too a close monday and then book 6 starts.... It's the final book.....WANANAh.

NENW back on regular updates.
Bryan | Thu Aug 6 19:59:42 | [70]
Alrighty, Jessica has done a tone of pencils for NENW and we have two comics ready too go…. Enjoy. P.S. Alice will be back with some random comicness Friday.

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