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the gateway furry Cheetara
Bryan | Sun Aug 14 23:21:01 | [103]
This is a public service announcement with the intent of preventing new Thundercats fans from falling prey to the gateway furry Cheetara. As everyone knows Furries are a dark plague on Fandom and must be stopped before they breed like rabbits and tarnish the good name of use normal nerds. We have already lost this fight with the Trekies but it's not to late with the Furries. I thank you for you're support.

Captain America
Bryan | Wed Aug 10 22:22:58 | [102]
Captain America was a great movie and my crew and I absolutely loved it. The only problem was that we weren't in agreement to how realistic the shield fighting was, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and see what you could do with 5 pounds of round hammered metal. Enjoy my friends.

Bryan | Sun Jul 31 23:06:09 | [101]
Alright, this is the final version of The Kingly Adventures cookbook episode 1. Special thanks to my crew, Monica, Bon, and especially Steven. We will be updating the cooking show once a month and updating blogs as often as possible. Enjoy my friends and remember. Dangerous = Delicious.
Bryan | Fri Apr 1 14:35:32 | [98]
I brought you some April 1st loving via Bubba World comics. Go have a look see.

Marvel Capcom 3
Bryan | Mon Feb 28 23:25:40 | [97]
So I have been playing MVC 3 and there is a lot of hate out for sentinel players. For a while I have been just blocking the people that send me hate messages when I destroy them without effort but I thought why not entertain my readers. I will start directing them here and let you feel the love with me. My only request is that you treat the poor players with kindness no matter what they say. Enjoy my friends…
King out.

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