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Im going to be a Konami Artist Woot Woot!.... Kinda.
Bryan | Sat Oct 27 22:23:53 | [19]

I remember playing contra for hour with my little sister Michelle. It was one of the few games that she enjoyed and it was great fun spending time with her killing aliens. Now Contra is famous for two things, Crazy kill count and the Konami code. Even decades later the code is revered!!! It was a special day when I finished a game to realize I hadn’t gone below my 30 men. In fact I had gained some men while playing. Never does a boy feel more like a man than when he finishes Contra without dying at all! Ok that may not be true but it is still an defining moment. In any case my good friend found out that they are bringing the Contra world to a cell phone near you. Even better is the fact that they had an art contest to be in the game. I of course could not resist. My creation was true to the Konami way. I copied my favorite movie actors and had Project 0 AKA Jonathan Kruger. The thing is Konami is famous for borrowing from movies. I highly recommend following this link for some game history groovy ness.

Long story short, I did not win the contest…. But I did make top 20. The art is going to be in the games gallery and our names are supposed to be in the credits. I know this is a small thing but it gives me warm fuzzes to be part of a childhood obsession. If you are so inclined you can see the winners here.

Stock Party 2007
Lindsay Archer is hosting the first Stock Party 07, I can not say enough good things about Lindsay and her husband Trenton. They are some of my favorite con people now and I am sure that the Party will be a blast. So Grab your camera and your model and head here for the details.

Groovy art
Bryan | Mon Oct 15 7:18:52 | [18]
Greetings my friends,
The action is heating up and we are about to see our first cured artifact in action. I would like to thank Necronomicon for showing my wife and I such a good time. We had a blast.
Perusing the net I ran across the official D&D art galleries.
I can spend enormous amounts of time looking threw art and the D&D pics have always been a personal favorite. I remember doing a panel discussion on art in New Orleans once. It was Sunday and I was barely awake. I fumble to the table and a very nice gentleman introduces himself as Larry. He was very friendly and dressed excellently. The panel starts and the audience ask general art questions for about ten minutes. All of a sudden one of the guest ask Larry what it was like to work for TSR for so long. I actually made a primitive grunt as a realized I was sitting next to Larry Elmore, whom I have worshiped since childhood. If you are not familiar with his work you should be ashamed of yourself and correct it.
Mr. Elmore is one of the nicest and coolest guys in the busyness. His talents are also manifold as some found out after hours at Dragon Con this year as he sang at a Karaoke bar. I have nothing more to say for now!
Later my friends,
Bryan King

Bryan | Wed Oct 10 22:34:24 | [17]
Hello everyone. This is Monica King, wife of Bryan King. I just wanted to stop by and talk about how great Necrcomiccon was this weekend. There were so many talented guest and they were so friendly too. Just in case your more into shopping than writers, photographers, and illustrators there were plenty of vendors to suit your needs. In order to see what you missed out on click on Necro’s website.
Just to let you know Tampa, FL is beautiful. Bryan and I would love to go back when we have time to check out the aquarium, zoo, beaches, and museums.
We enjoyed our stay at the Hyatt. Our highlight of the trip I believe was a restaurant named Spain. The prices were great, the food was fantastic, and the flamenco band was awe inspiring.
Just a word of thanks to Chris and Anne Jackson, Jeffrey Breslauer, Johnny Atomic, Alan Clark, the Finkelsteins, Bo Sovino, Niki, Stuart Clark, M. B. Weston, Jennifer Harris, Nilamani Dasi, and Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc for being such warm receptive people.

Golems and Necronimicon
Bryan | Wed Oct 3 18:37:47 | [16]
Greetings my friends. The comic is in full swing and time is rolling around for another con. Necronimicon in Tampa Fl is this weekend and I will be their doing my thing. I am looking forward to not only seeing Chris Jackson but also meeting some new, creative people.

In the comic we have introduced the Golem arena. The idea is that these events help to keep open communications and comradely between the lands and races. Unfortunately most competitors are in the event for the wrong reasons. If you are not aware of the history of golems I have to tell you that you are in for a treat. The first Golem was created by a Jewish Rabi, how cool is that. Rater than give you my rather broken memory of the account I have for you two links. The first is the story of the golem and the second is Jewish names for those of you who would like to look up the golems.

That about wraps things up for this week. Stay tuned for more excitement and adventure, wananaaaa!!


Monicas Dragon Con review
Bryan | Fri Sep 14 5:39:29 | [15]
Hello everyone! This is Monica King, wife to Bryan. I have made a brief appearance at some of the parties at Coast Con in Biloxi, MS and was able to hear Chase Masters sing at Mobi Con in Mobile, AL. Dragon Con in Atlanta this past Labor Day Weekend has really been my first real experience at a Con. I arrived on Friday just in time to catch a self publishing panel and to notice that they had various rooms set up for watching various sci-fi and anime movies. Most memorable, were the many comic book, fantasy, and sci-fi fans dressed in stellar costumes. It was a lot of fun taking pictures with every one. One site that some viewed as repulsive was the number of children, whose parents were letting them take pictures with furries. So I hear. Not that I expect the kids to know what the deal is with furries, anyway. Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to meet and take a picture with Kevin Sorbo. I did purchase Lou Ferrigno’s Guide To Personal Power, Bodybuilding, And Fitness for an opportunity to get a picture with him. I know him from The Incredible Hulk and had no idea about him winning Mr. Olympia twice. I also had no idea that he has been 80% deaf since age three. Please excuse my ignorance. William Katz, the guy that played The Greatest American Hero, is totally awesome. There was a nice long line to see the actors that played the Weasley Twins and Neville, from the Harry Potter movies. I was able to see the actors who played Data, Will Ryker, and Beverly Crucher from Star Trek: The Next Generation , Lori Petty who seems totally cool, and Ray Park.

My favorite parts by far were the Artist Alley, the Dealer’s Room, and the Exhibitor’s Hall. The amount of talent on display was amazing. If you get the chance you should check out Fairy the Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith. She is an amazing fantasy artist. It was my pleasure to meet the talented Lindsey Archer and her husband Trenton. My favorite comic book artist, Steve Scott and members of Gaijin Studios were very busy.
There were so many other talented artist there that I was able to meet. Dragon Con to say the least was overwhelming! I look forward to returning again and again.

Monica King

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