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Bryan | Wed Aug 29 22:22:11 | [14]
This is it. Dragon-Con is near us and it will be Monicaís first big convention. I have my prints ready and some new duds. Its going to be great hanging with my buddies and seeing the sites. I have absolutely no agenda so I may be hard to reach at the con if you know me well then send me a message and Ill give you my cell number.
The comic is going to have some interesting characters in the next few pages and I will be posting my reasoning behind some of the unusual names that will be appearing. The prints came out looking sharp. I am totally convinced that the coloring change was for the best.
Later my friends
Bryan King

New coloring style
Bryan | Tue Aug 21 2:09:15 | [13]
Greetings my friends,
As many of you can see I have changed the coloring style for the second chapter of the book. It was done after much contemplation and feedback from artist that I highly respect. The new style gives the art a crisper more professional look and has the happy bonus of making the pics easier to get done. School has started up and oddly enough I seem to be able to keep the same pase I had during the summer. My new students are very talented and I would not be reprized to see a few working in the busyness someday. I let my advertisements drop to see what the effect would be and I found out it was dramatic. Not that this matters much but I hope to keep the page views climbing. In any case if you like the comic tell a friend or two. Its 2:13 and I need to get back into bed. I have had a nasty virus for days now and finaly got one of those steroid shots. At the moment I feel just as bad as before !!! Good night and dream well.
Bryan King

Mega update. This has everything from history to recipes.
Bryan | Mon Jul 23 1:33:06 | [12]
Greetings my friends,
I have neglected to post on the blog as much as I would like. I apologize. I will be wrapping up the first chapter of Neo Earth on page 20. I am hoping that this will give me enough time to print some copies for dragon con.
My readers can find a good recipe for the musubi that the orcs are eating on page 14 Follow the external link. A good friend of mine, Miho, makes musubi and it is to die for.
Tolkien created Orcs from the old English definition meaning demon. The work ork or orc, supposedly has nothing to do with killer whales, according to It is still good fodder for my twist on the Orc ,hence my killer wale like monster. Another possible influence may have been from the Norse orcus meaning giant or ogre. Something a little different was needed for Neo Earth. I read about an island that was named Orcus. It was filled with wild pigs. I liked the idea of islander orcs, so we came to the legend of Kamapua'a, the pig god who had a son named Opelu-nui-kauhaalilo He is the supposed ancestor of many chiefs. Now if this isnít a good start to an orc tribe, I donít know what is. The weapons I drew are from the Hawaiian fighting style Lua I donít know about you but I would hate to be hit by any of those weapons.
The water troll was a tricky creature. I try to make my monsters fit into real mythology. The fact of the matter is that the entire troll regeneration thing isnít prevalent in actual myths. Now dropping the regeneration causes problems because you need them to be tough so I borrowed some mythology from my favorite epic poem. The mother of Grendel from Beowulf put a spell on Beowulf, so he could not be cut. The description of her always made me think of a sea troll. Working from this concept I made the sea trolls in Neo Earth all resistant to cuts. I know I donít go into it in detail at this point, but it will be important in later comic updates. The history of Grendel is very cool as well. You see his description changes through time. When the Christians wrote the story, they changed Grendel to a son of Cain. This would have meant that he had the mark of Cain described at one time or another as being black, as in pitch black skin, or red hair! I didnít feel like going into the black skin and red hair for the sea trolls but I am sure it will get used eventually. If you get a chance to look at my gallery, the warrior fighting the dragon is Bewulf and it is the most historically accurate drawing of him I could come up with. This including his boar shaped helmet. It is 1:03 in the am and I am getting tired. I think I covered all the things I wanted to touch on. Please enjoy the links. I had a lot of fun researching this stuff.
Later my friends
Bryan King

Bryan | Tue Jul 10 21:35:36 | [11]
Hey gang, I apologies for not posting more. Monica and I got back from vacation and shortly after feel into illness. Monica is good and I am getting better by the minute. A lot of cool research went into the next few pages and I will be posting some cool links as soon as I am 100% again.
Later my friends,
Bryan King

Back for a day or two.
Bryan | Sat Jun 23 0:40:21 | [10]
I survived the trip to Mexico with only vertigo as an illness. I had a wonderfully time. The next few pages of the book will actually reflect a little of my journey. The characters that will be introduced soon have a strong history behind them that I will be going into in great detail but for now I have to repack. I am off to Atlanta to hang out with my Buddy Steve Scott. He is working on some cool books and I can't wait to kick his ass at Doom3. If I remember right Steve's work on Magic just came out and his animation was on Smallville. Check out his work and his pic can be seen here For a guy that used to play Duke Nukem until 6 in the morning he looks way to serious in this pic. Im of to catch a few Z.
Later my friends.

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