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Kingly Adventures Cookbook
Bryan | Sat Jan 15 10:59:10 | [92]
WOOT! the Kingly Adventures Cookbook came in!!! Um, that's the how to cook mythical creatures book Monica and I have been working on. They will be on sale at Wizard World con in New Orleans the 29th...
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Fishing Camp
Bryan | Sat Jan 15 10:19:27 | [89]
Everyone do me a favor please! This is my friend's side job. Due to a programming error all the Facebook "Likes" on his page got deleted. He relies on these to bring in people and advertising. Please click on the link below and click the "Like" on the page that comes up. Don't worry, its a fishing video game so it's family friendly! Plus I designed the original fish for the game so it's close to my heart.
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Free Neo-Earth game!!!
Bryan | Sun Dec 19 12:50:44 | [88]
P.O.N.E. the game based on the Neo-Earth world is now available at
for web based play. It was a fun project I created a few years back but I was never able to get it to run online smoothly. In an case it is up and ready to be played. Enjoy my friends.

Fallout 3
Bryan | Sun Nov 28 23:24:00 | [87]
Greetings my fellow miscreants. I have made a little time to play some games. I love rpgs but always feel I should be getting something done…. That being said, I finally started playing Fallout 3, not New Vegas, but 3. It is very, very, addictive. I have a hard time being a casual gamer, when I do play, I play HARD. My involvement in the game went so far as to explore old 80s movies with similar themes, “Solarbabies 86.”

I also remember how much I enjoyed the “Mad Max” franchise and the wonderful “Book of Eli.” In any case, I would like to write more of a review, but the game calls to me. I am waiting on my first hardcopy of Neo-Earth, The Gold Masked Demon….. Unfortunately, they won’t be on sale to the general public just yet. Catch me at a signing or local comic shop, and I may sell and advanced copy to ya though.

Much Love,

King out!

Bryan | Mon Oct 25 12:13:14 | [86]
Hey gang. I entered this new web comic contest at wevolt. They are new to the game but I like their setup so do me a favor and go check them out and ummm, vote for Neo-Earth as well.
Go Vote PLZ!!!

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