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New comic begins woot!.
Bryan | Mon Jun 7 0:41:30 | [80]
I must admit. I placed the comic and this blog while one of my two editors is asleep on the coach. I am sure they will help me fix any misspellings or grammatical mistakes tomorrow. Enjoy!

Bryan | Thu May 6 12:23:30 | [79]
Jessica finished her first comic. WOOOT. Many more to come.... As soon as I write them.... This summer.

King out

This is it.
Bryan | Sun Mar 21 21:03:40 | [78]
Greetings my friends, Simonís big adventure comes to an end and 3 years of work is done. I am busy editing the graphic novel and look forward to having it on sale through the website. These books have been a lot of fun to create and a wonderful learning experience. I feel that I have started to come into my own as a colorist in more ways than one. My greatest sin was that I have never been able to paint at a professional level. One of my creeds is to never say I canít do anything so, an inability to paint pained me greatly. Oddly enough my friend Mitch suggested that I have a natural understanding of color and I should just throw paint at a canvas and see what happens. Funny thing is that it worked. I think all the crazy time I put into my graphic art endeavors have left me with a since of form shape and color that many contemporary ďFine ArtistĒ donít care to evolve. I would go into this deeper, but I have no intention of making enemies tonight. I have discovered one thing looking back though, when I color my work I fail to ink the intense detail that defined me in my early days. That being said I will be making a change in the next two books. Iím going black and white baby! The first story that you will be reading is a Samurai story with a twist. It takes place roughly 300 year before Simonís outing. After that I will have a three book adventure plotted by my good friend Bon Ha. I donít want to give too much away at this time, but once a week I will be uploading character profiles to the random comic page. Much fun in deed. Lastly, I want to thank my readers for sticking with me, Steven McCall for his hard work, and my wife for her patience. I feel we have grown together and I promise the best is yet to come.

Pop Culture Art Summit
Bryan | Mon Mar 8 22:35:14 | [77]
The Pop Culture Art Summit at 3 Alarm Comics was a blast. Scott knows how to throw a get together. Besides the wonderful artist that I already knew like Mitch Byrd
click here
and Steven Butler, click here
I had the pleasure of getting to know some really great local talent that was new to me.

First was the hilarious Andy Childress of Bubbaworld comic fame. click here
This dude is funny. Imagine a Ritalin kid that you actually enjoy listening to. He updates every day but Sunday so go click on his website and be amazed.

Next is the wonderfully talented T.D. Roebuck, with her amazingly entertaining family.

I also got to meet Alec.

Alec does a very funny single panel web comic by the name of Broke Comics. Looking over his portfolio was awesome and Iím here too tell you the mans line work is top notch.

James Powell was in attendance.
James and I had only meet once before but he is a kindred spirit and one of those people you instantly like. His paintings are very imaginative and truly modern day Surrealism. Go visit his photo page right away.

The Hundred Year War was represented by Jesse Labbe. I must say the book is a very fun read.

Neo Earth has only one page leftÖ. Then comesÖÖ.

The future of comics!!!
Bryan | Sun Jan 24 22:56:33 | [76]
My good friend and mentor Steve Scott posted a most excellent blog on his Dev site. click here
Go read his blog then come back here. I had too repost my 2 cents here because comics are changing and exactly what they will be in the future is still up in the air. The problem isnít any one thing. Lets look at the average comic specialty store. As much fun as they are, you basically add another dollar on to comics prices, because they exist. So, sometime in the 80ís we create a market that helps pull comic off the drugstore racks. The comics use to be used as an advertising tool for kids and they didnít have to make a ton of money. Following the comics as a collectable trend you take the audience you picked up at a young age growing up and demanding a more adult comic. Now Blackest Night is a great example. I freaking love what they are doing with the Corps, but as a child my Mom would not have liked the blood and gore. The writing in my opinion is better today than ever. I know many golden age fans will disagree and thatís ok, I feel no need to argue an opinion. But what the more adult storylines are doing, cuts off the new younger audience, that is needed to sustain any industry. The work Steve Scott did with the adventures series I.E. Iron-Man, is exactly what we need more of. Disney needs to focus a ton of new Marvel Books on a younger audience. Go to any comic store on new comic day and start an under 18 and over 18 tally. Heck, when we went to watch the nearly sold out TMNT movie you could count the kids on one hand in the audience. Now enter modern day entertainment. Video games are the new pop art form. Why read a story when you can live it. Why read about saving the world when you can do it one shot at a time. Not to mention the fact that instead of seeing it drawn we can watch our superheroes on the screen and they look 100% believableÖ.. Well most of the time. Heaven help us the Wolverine movie sold well. So, whatís the right course for us creative types? Breaking into the mainstream can be hard and even when you are in it, doesnít always mean steady work. I have a hard time thinking about going the Marvel DC route, when people I see as art gods arenít working steady. So, there are web comics. I truly feel the web comic market is going to keep growing. I am about to finish over 3 years of hard work and print the first Neo-Earth web comic. Jenny, from The Zombie Hunters stated that it takes about 4 years of not missing updates to see a return on a web comic. I believe Jenny is dead on. I havenít made my 4 years yet but within the last year I have went from a few hundred hitís a day to recently 4 to 8 K unique viewsÖ Donít be happy for me though it takes about 30,000 sustained daily views to quit your day job. I may be their in another year or two, but even if Iím not, I do like my day job most of the time. I am an art teacher, which gives me wonderful kids to work with and a built in study group. You see where we are leaving kids behind the Japanese with small collected affordable kid friendlyÖ.well sometimes kid friendly books, are glad to grab them. In 10 years of teaching I see Manga almost daily where as I have never, not once seen a traditional comic. How sad is that. I have once in a blue moon seen a trade however so there is hope. Also, every class has a few kids that read their weekly web comic/cartoon. Penny-Arcade without a doubt reigns on high. Wow I never type this much. I went the day job till I make it route, because I felt the alternative would be many years of ramen noodle and to tell the truth I love my new house on the lake ďSteve you have to come visit this summer, my art room is set up for drawing comics and the guest room sleeps two.Ē I know many people out there canít spend 4 years on a web comic that will only drain income but I feel more and more, that will be a strong market. Thatís my two cents.

In other great news NENW is updated with 3 more pages ready too go. After checking out Jessicaís new stuff go Visite Steve Scotts dev site againÖJust click on the pic below.

Later my friend,
Bryan King

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