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Bryan | Tue Jul 10 21:35:36 | [11]
Hey gang, I apologies for not posting more. Monica and I got back from vacation and shortly after feel into illness. Monica is good and I am getting better by the minute. A lot of cool research went into the next few pages and I will be posting some cool links as soon as I am 100% again.
Later my friends,
Bryan King

Back for a day or two.
Bryan | Sat Jun 23 0:40:21 | [10]
I survived the trip to Mexico with only vertigo as an illness. I had a wonderfully time. The next few pages of the book will actually reflect a little of my journey. The characters that will be introduced soon have a strong history behind them that I will be going into in great detail but for now I have to repack. I am off to Atlanta to hang out with my Buddy Steve Scott. He is working on some cool books and I can't wait to kick his ass at Doom3. If I remember right Steve's work on Magic just came out and his animation was on Smallville. Check out his work and his pic can be seen here For a guy that used to play Duke Nukem until 6 in the morning he looks way to serious in this pic. Im of to catch a few Z.
Later my friends.

Wedding Bells and Revelations
Bryan | Fri Jun 8 0:02:46 | [9]
Greetings and salutations. I am getting married in two days and everyone keeps asking if I am nervous. The odd thing is that the planning made me nervous but actually getting Married hasnít made me nervous at all. Monica and I are a great team and I have no doubt it will last forever.
The guards in my comic during the Trial where based on a tale I had heard about the Pope having body guards that where cardinals. I havenít been able to find any info on them but it made for good Fiction. The armored knights and the duelist type guards where two answers for what they may have looked like. Interestingly enough when I did look up info on the Popes body guards I did find that it had a great 500 year history that includes the greatest fighters of the time and the artist Michelangelo and Raphael. More info may be found here
Times are good and the next few pages are going to be a lot of fun. I have been doing research into Hawaiian mythology and martial art for some of our newest characters. I would assume this sounds absurd but trust me it will fit right into the story. Later my friends.

I still function.
Bryan | Sun May 27 22:30:24 | [8]
This is going to be another short one. Mobicon was awesome. My Bachelor party was awsome. Its a week later and I feel much better now. I meet a lot of great people and had a wonderful time so I will do a proper review very soon. More to come soon.

Mobi Con
Bryan | Fri May 18 5:06:13 | [7]
The time has come. To speak of Mobi things! Mobi Con is today I am am stoked. My buddy Steve Scott will be there whom helped to take me from good to unprofessional "I am talking about my Duke Nukem abilities." I have a new system of packing witch should help out a lot. Mobi Con is in Mobile Al so if you can make it do because it is a very fun little con. I will be selling 5 new art prints and have the comic pages unmolested by word balloons to show.
Later my friends.

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